Regulations of the Promotional Action „Offer for better START”

§ 1

Organizer of the Promotional Action, „Offer for better START” (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion”),
is COMPANY LIMITED UNIONBANQ Ukraine, 79005, Lviv region,
Lviv, 3 E. Pietruszewicza Square Registered on February 22, 2023
Code EDRPOU 45083375 Share capital amount UAH 41,100.00
(hereinafter referred to as „Lender”)


General provisions

The terms used in the Regulations mean:

a) Loan application – the Borrower’s application for a Loan, submitted via the Website
website, correctly completed and containing all the necessary data indicated in
application – considered by the Lender,

b) Agreement – means the Loan Agreement in which the Lender, at the Borrower’s request, undertakes to
transfer the Loan amount requested by the Borrower on the terms set out in the Agreement;

c) Borrower – a natural person taking out a loan from the Lender,

d) Commission – means the cost of granting the Loan, which the Borrower is obliged to pay to the Lender in
the amount specified in the Agreement for granting a loan or in other cases provided for in the agreement

e) Interest – costs calculated on the basis of the interest rate that the Borrower is obliged to pay
the Lender in the amount specified in the Agreement;

f) Loan Repayment Date – the date on which the Borrower is obliged to repay the Loan together with the due
interest, fees and commissions in the form of a bank transfer to the Lender’s Bank Account in accordance with


Terms and conditions of participation in the promotion:

1. The promotion lasts from February 28, 2023. until its cancellation.

2. The granting of the Loan is subject to a positive assessment of the Borrower’s Loan Application and the risk credit card relating to the Borrower.

3. By joining the Promotion, the Borrower accepts the provisions of these regulations in full and
undertakes to comply with it.

4. The Promotion applies only to those Borrowers who will conclude a contract with the Lender during the Promotion period Agreement and will join the Promotion.

5. The condition for participation in the Promotion is not having a loan with the Lender before.

6. The Borrower will receive the first loan for which he/she submitted the Loan Application during the Promotion period rebate of 100% of the Commission and Interest costs.

7. The condition for taking advantage of the Promotion in the form of a rebate is the repayment of the loan granted for which the rebate was granted within the Loan Repayment Date.

8. If the loan is returned after the Repayment Date, the rebate of 100% of the Commission and Interest costs ceases apply and the Borrower will be obliged to repay the loan together with the costs of Commission and Interest regarding the loan taken out (Appendix No. 2 to the Loan Agreement).

9. Loan applications submitted after the expiry of the Promotion period are not eligible for participation in the Promotion.